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About Us 

Rhino Gives was born from a desire to do more than just business – we wanted to build bridges in the construction industry while creating a force for good in our community.

Picture this: a room filled with sales representatives, owners, and estimators from different corners of the construction world, coming together not just to network but to make a real difference in the lives of local families, friends, and organizations. That's what Rhino Gives is all about. We realized that we could make an impact beyond the bottom line. So, we decided to host events that bring people together, not just to exchange business cards but to share stories, experiences, and, most importantly, our passion for giving back.

Our mission is clear:

Connecting builders, reconstructing hope: Construction networking with a purpose.

Each event we host isn't just a gathering; it's an opportunity to build lasting connections, forge new partnerships, and most importantly, make a positive impact on the lives of local families in need.

At Rhino Gives, we don't just construct buildings; we construct bonds and create a future where compassion and collaboration are the foundation of a stronger community. Join us in this exciting journey, where every connection you make helps to build a brighter future for us all.

Our Board

Troy Burton - Director 

Troy is more than just a seasoned professional in the construction industry; he's the driving force behind our nonprofit board, bringing with him a wealth of experience and  passion for making a difference. With over 25 years of dedicated service in the construction field, Troy has not only cultivated a thriving business with Rhino Foundation Systems but has also dedicated himself to the betterment of our community.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Troy is a devoted family man, cherishing his beautiful wife, Charity, and their two children, Deacon and Oakley. His enthusiasm for both business and philanthropy is palpable in all he does, and his commitment to continuous improvement extends not only to his company but also to our noble cause.

Avery Pitcher - Media & Design Specialist

Avery devoted her time to a church mission in Oklahoma, where she focused on serving the Latino community. Currently, she is pursuing a degree in strategic communications at SUU, which is broadening her expertise in design and marketing. In her leisure time, she finds joy in hiking and exploring picturesque locations. Her unwavering passion lies in helping those in need, making her incredibly enthusiastic about her involvement with Rhino Gives!

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ShayLee Evans - Event Coordinator 

ShayLee's journey began in the heart of Utah, where she grew up alongside her five siblings. High school sweethearts, she and her partner embarked on a adventure, traveling the scenic landscapes of the West Coast in their self-converted van. She holds her family and friends close & organizes events for her loved ones outside of her role here at Rhino Gives. 

Recognizing ShayLee's ability to harness the collective energy of others and orchestrate grand ventures, Troy entrusted her with the role of event coordinator. He understood that she possessed the unique talent to bring people together and create something far greater than herself.

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